Anonymity Policy

Allie provides a safe place to talk about unconscious bias and any microaggressions at work. We know that these issues can be difficult to talk about. You may not know how to express what happened. Maybe you don’t want to labeled difficult or sensitive for speaking out. Allie is here to help.

Allie takes user reports and privacy very seriously. We have an anonymous reporting option, which means user names and personal details will not be provided. By reporting anonymously, you help highlight issues that may require additional training or attention at your company. If you do want direct follow-up and action, you can attach your name to a report so that your Allie admin can reach out and address the issue.

Name Attached


However, two instances may require special handling:

  1. Criminal or abusive reports (e.g. harassment, threats to health or safety): our internal team can review on a case-by-case basis and may reveal user identity at our discretion.
  2. Anonymous reports companies want to address: your Allie admins can send users direct messages via Allie asking for further detail or providing additional outlets for follow-up. You are not required to respond and your identity will not be revealed.

We care deeply about supporting inclusive workplaces and are open to suggestions on how to improve on our anonymity policy. Contact us at with any feedback.